C+D PIP code

The PIP Code is a unique code allocated to a specific product, along with the description associated to and describing that product. There are a number of other pieces of data which are provided by UBM (UK) Ltd , which are not a part of the PIP Code, but which are provided as a part of the wider C+D database.

The ownership of copyright in the PIP Code is dealt with in an agreement between the NPA and UBM (UK) Ltd which set out the joint design and development of the PIP code. This agreement specified that each party would have specific licensing rights in respect of the PIP Codes.

Click here to view the joint statement from C+D and the NPA

C+D PIP code FAQs


1. What are C+D's PIP codes?

The PIP code is a unique coding system designed to allow the identification and efficient ordering of products supplied by UK pharmacies.

In your PMR system, on the screen before confirming any orders, each item displayed will have a 7 digit number – this is C+D’s PIP code.

The PIP code is managed on behalf of the industry by Chemist+Druggist. It is C+D who pays for the database that holds the code and the staff who input and maintains information on the 90,000+ products in the file.

We process up to 26,000 changes each year. It is also C+D who arrange the distribution of the PIP code via electronic files (sent each week to system suppliers and wholesalers), via the Monthly Price List, weekly updates (sent to C+D subscribers) and the C+D Data website. The PIP Code licence fee enables C+D to provide this vital service to UK pharmacies and dispensing practices.


2. I don’t use it/I’ve already paid my system supplier

Every market-leading PMR system contains PIP codes, which are owned and maintained by C+D. All system suppliers are licensed by C+D to incorporate PIP codes into these systems and sell them to end users. As an end user you will be accessing C+D’s PIP code data through these systems, you just may not be aware of it.


3. I’ve never had to pay before so why now?

We have conducted marketing campaigns in previous years to raise awareness of the need to obtain a licence from C+D to use PIP codes and you may not have received or seen this information before. This communication is part of our ongoing initiative and we aim to reach all pharmacies.


4. Do I need to pay?

Yes, you are required to hold a valid license if you are dispensing and using the PIP code data.


5. Are other pharmacies paying?

Roughly 12, 000 pharmacies using C+D’s PIP codes are paying for an appropriate C+D licence; there are only a small portion of pharmacies such as yourself, not currently holding the correct licence to use the PIP code data. This is why we are contacting you to ensure you now have the correct licence to continue using C+D’s PIP Codes in your dispensary computer system.


6. How do I get a licence?

A licence costs £326.55 inclusive of VAT annually.

We have additional licence packages available – call for more information. Please purchase this by contacting the C+D Licensing and Subscriptions Team on 0207 921 8222 or info@subs.chemistanddruggist.co.uk