Your favourite pharmacy lecturers revealed

If you're a Bradford graduate, you'll know what I mean by the N Floor 9am dash; if not, count yourself lucky.

For the uninitiated, Bradford's pharmacy department occupies the top floors of a 13-storey tower and in my day it was generally nigh-on impossible to get in the lift in time for lectures. The only thing for it was to walk up the 10 flights from C floor to N floor. Believe me, it's a long walk.

It's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my time at Bradford, mixed with various bars and curry houses where I squandered my student loan.

Why the nostalgia trip? This morning talk on Twitter went back to school, with a range of Bradford graduates swapping tales of the academics who'd helped them become a professional. Rather than just keep it a Bradford thing, I asked you for your favourite pharmacy lecturers… and was inundated with replies.

The Bradford contingent was strongly represented. Particular praise came for professor Adrian Williams, Mr John Tucker ("Hollywood even made a biopic of his life story; that's how good he was" joked one comment), professor John Purvis, Dr Jim Smythe and Dr Victoria Silkstone.

Other schools had their heroes too. Lecturers proving a hit with past students included Drs Ian Blagbrough at Bath ("Man giant!" remarked pharmacist Steve Mosley on Twitter), Ian Cubbin at Liverpool John Moores, and David Wright at the University of East Anglia. Praise was also due to professor Henry Chrystyn at Huddersfield ("Got to love a birra yorkshire" explained @Pharmasaurus_Rx).

And it wasn't just past students feeding in their suggestions, too, such as this unsubtle hint from Aston University's deputy head of pharmacy Chris Langley (@ChrisALangley): "Mystified by silence from @JosephBush on your fave pharmacy lecturer poll. Surely he would want to mention his PhD supervisor..."  

It seems every pharmacy school has its characters, so keep your stories and fave lecturers coming by commenting below or joining the debate on Twitter.


Who was your favourite pharmacy lecturer?

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Babir Malik, Community pharmacist
Posted on 26 January 2012.
You should have a new category at the C and D awards. Best Pharmacy Lecturer! My vote goes to John Tucker
Sabina Mahmood, Community pharmacist
Posted on 26/01/12 16:49 in reply to Babir Malik.
Mine would go to Kay Marshall .. brilliant lecturer
Ethan Crane, Community pharmacist
Posted on 26 January 2012.
Cardiff had a few characters too, The late Ivor Harrison and Denver Russell spring to mind.
Tristan Gildroy, Community pharmacist
Posted on 31 January 2012.
My vote goes to Dr Vicky Silkstone at Bradford. Brilliant teacher, wouldn't be qualified today if it wasn't for her!

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