Simple ideas are often the biggest

Now, I like to think of myself as an ideas man. I don't pretend that my ideas are always good, but occasionally I do come up with a good one. This one is an old idea recycled for Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Society. You cannot have missed all the discount cards, loyalty cards, reward schemes, etc, that currently exist. They are all around us and of course all about marketing, promotions and increasing sales. I will explain my simple proposal. Every time somebody purchases something from your pharmacy (other than a prescription item), you give them a 5 per cent discount and an additional 5 per cent goes towards a Community Interest Fund; hence pharmacy supporting the local community more than ever before. So you have increased sales, improved customer loyalty and a Community Interest Fund that supports local community projects. An added benefit for patients and customers is they don't have to collect vouchers, carry cards around or spend £100 to get £1 off their petrol or towards their air miles. A wise person once said "be the worst enemy of your own ideas" or similar words. I now invite you to do that on my behalf.


Which of the following elements of Royal Pharmaceutical Society membership do you find most valuable?
Information materials (including the PJ, MEP and reference guides)
The frameworks (including foundation and leadership)
Access to the RPS Faculty
CPD support
Use of the MRPharmS post-nominals
Access to RPS professional networks
Professional status
Discounts for Pharmaceutical Press, including the BNF
The confidential enquiry service
I don’t find any of the elements valuable
Total votes: 144