Speaking to C+D for an exclusive podcast interview, John Murphy said the organisation should not be blamed for damage to the pharmacy sector ...
24/02/2017 0
An ambitious, city-wide programme of community pharmacists working alongside GPs in Sheffield is successfully demonstrating a new model of care. The...
22/02/2017 0
Pharmacists play an important role in advising patients about the use of vitamins and nutrition supplements, says dietician and British Dietetic...
20/02/2017 1
Last week, I posed a question: should we bring back the pharmacist's white coat? I gave several reasons why I believe this time-honoured piece of...
17/02/2017 5
On Valentine's day, the C+D news team challenged readers and pharmacists on Twitter to share their best pharmacy-inspired love poems, to celebrate...
15/02/2017 1
A project run by NHS England, Queen Mary University of London and Healthy London Partnerships is looking to “harness” the interactions between...
15/02/2017 1
The C+D Award-winning staff at Whitworth Chemist in Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire, were set a challenge by their superintendent: to drive greater...
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Do you agree with the APPG’s suggestion of placing GPs in community pharmacies?
Yes. It would be cost effective and convenient for patients.
No. It could confuse patients and favour the large multiples.
Total votes: 71