Top 5 clinical developments of 2011

Clinical Switches, shake-ups and the new medicine service – Chris Chapman picks the stories you shouldn’t have missed this year
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Barry Pharmacist, Community pharmacist
Posted on 29 December 2011.
Very good summary but would be better if all of the hyperlinks worked. Thanks
Peter Short, Locum pharmacist
Posted on 29/12/11 15:16 in reply to Bruce Prentice.
I agree with Bruce, the links are as much use as a chocolate fireguard!!!
Gary Paragpuri, Community pharmacist
Posted on 29 December 2011.
Hi Bruce and Peter,

Apologies for the problems with links above - we'll get this fixed shortly.

Ellie Broughton, Other healthcare professional
Posted on 3 January 2012.
Hi Peter, Bruce, the links are now fixed. Thanks for drawing it to our attention!

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