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Pharmacy leaders 'disappointed' by doctors’ criticism of services in Wales

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If anyone has ever had the chance to watch GPs signing bundles of prescriptions and the long delays in GPs carrying out prescription reviews they would quickly realise the benefit of investigations and interventions by pharmacists!
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WHAT IS A NON healthcare professional ? and why post on here ? I DO hope its not some kind of non anything area manager !!!
I guess the RCGP(wales) have a fair point. Have you seen the quality of MUR's, some contractors are pushing through absolute rubbish. I am glad that NHS Employers have realised that volume output has overtaken quality, and therefore introduced targeted quality MUR's.

Large organisations that stretch their pharmacists to reach targets, often mean quality is sacrificed for the sake of numbers. Naturally when GP's see these return forms, they probably see a complete waste of NHS money.

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