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Ethical dilemma: A language barrier

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Spanish - that's our problem here in the U.S. I'm taking an 8-week immersion Spanish course this summer in order to communicate with my patients. I used to feel invincible at this job - now I'm an infant, learning to speak basic phrases like " what else are you taking for this condition?"
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Ethical dilemma: A language barrier
16/06/11 18:03as a reply to Charles Macdonald.
Patient safety shoud come first. Speak to the assistant and provide any additional training, as her Bengali fluency is a helpful quality to the team. However, if she carries on working 'irresponsibily' then disciplinary actions may be neccessary to ensure the interest of public healthcare is not compromised.
Ethical dilemma: A language barrier
18/06/11 12:25as a reply to Charles Macdonald.
The responsible pharmacist should have a private word with the assistant preferably in a consultation room,explain the cause of concern.The pharmacist may care to highlight where the advice was incorrect and perhaps explains the correct way .explain to the assistant that her progress will be monitored closely and any additional help or assistance will be offered.From experience most of the staff issues are resolved quite successfully.

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