Employers to recognise royal wedding as bank holiday

Pharmacy multiples have confirmed that they will recognise the royal wedding as a bank holiday, meaning employees can expect time off or enhanced rates of pay.

Lloydspharmacy said it was "pleased" to recognise April 29 as a bank holiday. "To enable continued service for our customers, we will have pharmacies open on that day and any employees required to work will receive enhanced bank holiday rates of pay," a Lloydspharmacy spokesperson said.

Boots confirmed it would be adopting a similar policy. "It is anticipated that stores which usually trade on a bank holiday will also trade on April 29," a Boots spokesperson explained. "Normal bank holiday pay rates will apply for trading stores."

And the Co-operative Pharmacy said it expected some branches to close. "Our pharmacists will be taking April 29 as a holiday unless there is a requirement for the branch to be open on a rota basis or because there is a particular business need to trade, for instance in a shopping centre," a Co-operative Pharmacy spokesperson said.

"If this is the case, the agreed bank holiday rates that are detailed in pharmacists' terms and conditions will be paid and time off in lieu will be granted," the spokesperson said.

PSNC said there had been "confusion" over opening requirements for the April 29 and confirmed that pharmacies would not be expected to open on the bank holiday to meet their core hour requirements.

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