What the papers say: prescribe over 55s statins

All patients over 55 should be prescribed statins to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph report.

The stories follow research from Professor Sir Nicholas Wald, who claims patient should receive the medication from the age of 55 even if they do not suffer from high cholesterol or blood pressure. The BBC also covers this story, looking at claims that the treatment could "save over 100,000 lives in England and Wales".

Asthma treatment could also face a review, as the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph report on research that suggests tablets are equally as effective as inhalers. The study says leukotriene receptor antagonists could improve compliance with those who have difficulties using inhalers.

A more controversial treatment is the top story at the Daily Telegraph, which says "suicide drugs" could become available over the counter if euthanasia laws are changed.

And NHS reforms come under fire again at the BBC, as a former chief executive of the Healthcare Commission warns the NHS must not become a "slave to competition". The doubts were echoed among GPs, as the Telegraph covers findings from Pulse that one in three GPs is planning to leave the NHS.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail looks at findings that toddlers given a bedtime bottle are more likely to be overweight when they are older.

Finally, a Conservative MP is campaigning for teenage girls to be taught about "the virtues of virginity", according to the Independent and Guardian. But the opposition argues there is little virtue in the proposed Bill, with Labour MP Chris Bryant branding it "the daftest piece of legislation I have seen".

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