What the papers say: GPs net millions from property tax loophole

The Telegraph reports that GPs are ‘pocketing millions' from their surgeries due to a property tax loophole.  

The Telegraph, Independent and Guardian warn that high doses of IVF may damage embryos and reduce the chances of women having a healthy baby.

The Daily Mail reports that the use of IVF in older women increases the risk of having a baby with Down's syndrome.

Big drug firms are handing out free trips and events worth millions to NHS staff, the Independent writes.

Andrew Dilnot has recommended that pensioners should pay more tax to cover the costs of looking after them in old age, the Independent reports.

And the BBC reports that social care costs in England should be capped so people do not risk losing their assets according to a recent review.

A group of care homes owned by Southern Cross are set to stay open after the healthcare group were able to strike a deal with their landlords, reports the Independent.

Ten hospitals have been named and shamed in an attempt to reduce a bedsore crisis costing the NHS £4 billion a year, the Telegraph reports. Warrington and Halton Hospitals Trust in Cheshire topped the list.

The Daily Mail reports that nearly 100,000 terminally ill patients fail to receive proper end-of-life care while others receive 30 times more funding.

And finally the BBC reports that there is no link between the use of mobile phones and brain cancer according to a review carried out by the Institute of Cancer Research.

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