Dementia and childhood obesity

While yesterday's papers discussed how hospital wards were filling up with dementia patients, today's talk about a report into the grim conditions for dementia sufferers while in hospital.

The Telegraph writes that hospital staff are simply not well trained in dementia care and ignore pleas for help from sufferers.

The Mail writes that two thirds of hospital wards are not equipped to deal with dementia patients, while The Guardian reports that dementia sufferers receive "impersonal" care.

The report – the National Audit of Dementia – found that there needs to be "significant improvement" in the way hospitals deliver care to people with dementia, according to the Independent.

Also following yesterday's theme of increasing childhood obesity, the Telegraph, The Independent, BBC, Daily Mail and The Guardian write about the need to up antibiotic doses for today's fatter children.

So how to slim them down? Firstly, the Daily Mail reports on an idea from the US to label unhealthy drinks and food with the amount of physical exercise needed to burn off the calories they contain.

To get them to eat their greens, it seems that stickers are more effective than false praise, according to the Mail.

And finally, if you want them to exercise more, give them a cup of coffee. The Mail reports that a cup of coffee and a slice of toast are more effective than sports drinks in increasing sporting performance.


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