What the papers say: leafy vegetables could cut prevent diabetes

Doctors have raised concern over the high price of cancer drug Herceptin, accoriding to the the Guardian.


And Chinese tobacco firms are accused of targeting women and children as potential smokers, according to Reuters.


Researchers have found that eating green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and spinach may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Daily Mail and the BBC report.


The Guardian looks into a petition launched by the British Lung Foundation that calls for a ban on smoking in cars where children are present.


And treating cervical cancer patients with both radiotherapy and chemotherapy can reduce the risk of death by almost a quarter, according to the Telegraph.


A mother speaks out after her local council’s forced contraception bid towards her daughter with learning difficulties.


Thirty-two members of NHS staff in Lincolnshire are facing redundancy following an announcement that some of their admin work is likely to be outsourced to India, says the Lincolnshire Echo.


The Daily Mail also says ketamine has been found to help improve depressed patients’ conditions.


And the BBC says people dependent on drugs and alcohol who refuse treatment could have their welfare benefits withdrawn under plans being considered by the Home Office.


Being frightened of falling over is likely to increase an old person's risk of having a fall, researchers have found, the BBC also reports.


And hospital consultants could see their bonuses trimmed in a review of an NHS scheme which sees some doctors receive awards of up to £76,000 a year.

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