What the papers say: winter sex baby-boom looms; NHS complaints soar

Eating broccoli and plantain could reduce bouts of Crohn’s disease as certain types of soluble fibre in them can help prevent bacteria from sticking to the gut's wall, The Daily Telegraph, BBC and Daily Mail report.

The Daily Mail also says eating grapefruit could help treat Type 2 diabetes thanks to the antioxidant Naringenin.

Complaints about NHS and community health services in England are at a record high, rising by 13.4 per cent in one year, the Independent and Daily Mail report.

And one in ten salads sold on the high street is ‘saltier than a Big Mac’, according to The Daily Telegraph and Independent.


The BBC reports on a study suggesting that having an epidural during labour may protect key muscles and therefore cut the risk of incontinence in later life.

And it says corneas made in the laboratory have markedly improved the sight of 10 Swedish patients with significant vision loss.

British doctors have said patients desperately waiting for a liver transplant will be able to ‘grow their own’ livers within five years, according to the Daily Mail and Financial Times.


The NHS is braced for a mini-baby boom after a cold winter during which couples opted to stay indoors, according toThe Daily Telegraph.


 And the paper also reports an expensive heart drug has been approved for NHS use by Nice after a campaign by 176 cardiologists and 25 MPs.


Research has found that medics’ faith affects the care of terminally ill patients, as hospital clinicians admit ‘ethically controversial’ decisions, according to the Guardian, Independent and BBC.



And surgeons in Buenos Aires have removed a tumour the size of a four-year-old child from a woman’s womb after a four-hour operation, say The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail.





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