What the papers say: aqueous cream can inflame eczema

Researchers have discovered that aqueous cream BP used by eczema sufferers can make the condition worse, report the Daily Mail and the Independent.

The Guardian and the Independent report that eating less meat could save 45,000 lives per year.

Critics have slammed US charity Project Prevention for offering to pay drug addicts to be sterilised, as it puts an unfair burden on the NHS, The Telegraph says.

And The Telegraph reports on the Government's consultation on extending patient choice which says people should be able to die at home rather than in hospital

Health ombudsman Ann Abraham, has reported on cases of poor handling of complaints by the NHS, the Telegraph also reports.

US regulators are warning patients that drugs used to protect osteoporosis could increase the risk of fractures in rare cases, reports the BBC.

The BBC website also says a study has suggested looking at pictures of and listening to sounds of nature can reduce the feelings of pain suffered by patients undergoing invasive, painful procedures. And it reports that community cycling schemes only have a modest effect on encouraging people to take up the sport.

Research has shown that women suffering from breast cancer reduce their chance of the disease returning by 90 per cent if they have small amounts of the healthy tissue surrounding the tumour, removed, the Daily Mail also reports.

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