Co-operative Pharmacy cuts condom prices

The Co-operative Pharmacy has reduced the price of condoms by 25 per cent and is highlighting the risks of unprotected sex in the run up to Christmas.
The move comes after a survey of 3,000 people by Co-operative Pharmacy found that one in five teenagers had delayed having sex for the first time until they were over 16, compared with only one in 20 of those now in their forties or older.
The Co-operative Pharmacy survey also found that the over-fifties were the most likely to never use contraception when they had sex with a new partner, with one in four admitting to having more than one ongoing sexual relationship.
Co-operative Pharmacy pharmacist Lisa McCreesh said: "Our research challenges the belief that teenagers are more promiscuous than older generations."
"They unfairly get a bad name while those in their fifties, who grew up in the sixties and seventies, are living up to the era's carefree image as they take greater risks with their sexual health."
The Co-operative Pharmacy has reduced the price of boxes of 12 Durex Condoms Elite, Extra Safe, Fetherlite, Performa and Pleasuremax during December.

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