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What the papers say: high-dose statins linked to type 2 diabetes risk

Hundreds of thousands of patients on high-dose statins are increasing their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the Telegraph reports. Drinking limits for the over-65s should be halved, the Independent reports. The BBC also covers this story. Smoking in pregnancy increases a child's risk of heart disease in later life by up to 15 per cent, the Telegraph reports. The number of breastfeeding mothers has reached an all-time high, the BBC reports. The Guardian and Telegraph also cover this story.

The Telegraph reports that domestic violence during pregnancy increases the chances of post-natal depression. The Telegraph writes that government health watchdogs are planning to tackle ageism in the NHS as evidence grows showing they receive worse treatment than the young. This news comes as the Telegraph reveals that the NHS treats elderly patients with broken hips as a low priority. Hospital pillows are a biohazard, the Telegraph reports, as research reveals that they are a hot-bed for up to 30 different bugs, including MRSA and C difficile.  


Which of PSNC’s suggestions is the best way to offset the funding cuts?
Getting paid to spot when the patient already has enough stock of a medicine
Suggesting more cost-effective medicines to prescribers
Being allowed to dispense generic versions instead of branded drugs (if applicable)
Identify excessive prescribing and supplies in care homes
A month-long campaign to raise awareness of medicines waste
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