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From this pharmacy CPD module on autism you will learn: What autism is and how it can be described The causes of this disorder, and the...
25/05/2017 0 CPD
urinary incontinence
Katie, a counter assistant, approaches you in the dispensary and asks to add a box of incontinence pads to the weekly wholesaler order. You say yes,...
25/05/2017 0 CPD
Levonorgestrel or ulipristal: which should you recommend? Morning after pill
While working as a locum in a pharmacy, you overhear a patient asking the pre-registration student about the morning after pill. The pre-reg takes...
17/05/2017 1 CPD
Nosocomial infections often occur in hospital
From this CPD module on nosocomial infection you will learn: The consequences of nosocomial infections How infective organisms are spread Who is...
16/05/2017 1 CPD
From this pharmacy CPD module you will learn: The reasons why staff may be absent from work How to monitor absenteeism, plan for it, and organise...
11/05/2017 0 CPD
Do you understand CBT, depression and bipolar disorder?
This week (May 8-14) is Mental Health Awareness Week, a national campaign to help shed the stigma associated with mental health conditions. As...
11/05/2017 0 CPD
Applying emollient to psoriasis
From this psoriasis CPD module, you will learn: The topical treatments for psoriasis and how they are applied The role of phototherapy in managing...
03/05/2017 0 CPD
Mr Suchde: "Having a pharmacy degree has allowed me to expand into other careers"
Clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart sat down with Amar Suchde, the founder of PharmAesthetics UK – a company that trains pharmacists to become...
02/05/2017 0 CPD
Fiasp flex touch product image
Peter Wallis is at the counter. He has type 2 diabetes, and you know he has been struggling with his move from oral antidiabetics to insulin. You ask...
26/04/2017 0 CPD


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