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Multiple sclerosis nerve demylination
In this CPD module on multiple sclerosis you will learn: The symptoms and causes of multiple sclerosis (MS) The different types of MS and how it is...
20/04/2017 0 CPD
Common medication errors
In this CPD module about medication errors you will learn:  The definition of a medication error  Common causes of errors  Methods of avoiding...
11/04/2017 0 CPD
One of your technicians, Jane, asks for a quiet word. Once in the staff room, she tells you that her colleague Clara has been upset recently and...
05/04/2017 0 CPD
normal eye v glaucoma eye
From this module, you will learn: What glaucoma is, why it arises, and the risk factors for its development The various types of glaucoma and how...
04/04/2017 0 CPD
The OT Consult app is free to download
The face of pharmacy is changing, and with it the roles of pharmacy staff. No longer are counter assistants the intermediary between the public and...
30/03/2017 0 CPD
In this module you will learn: The definition and diagnosis of sprains and strains How to help patients manage an injury, including self-help and...
28/03/2017 0 CPD
A sick dog needs medicine
Ivanda is at the counter having a heated discussion with Katie, one of the pharmacy staff. You go out of the dispensary as their voices start to rise...
28/03/2017 0 CPD