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E.g., 06/03/2021
E.g., 06/03/2021
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‘Never unknowingly underpaid’ was the sort of aphorism that guided my approach in the earlier years of my career. Now, as a superintendent pharmacist...
22/02/2021 0
The year of 2020 has morphed memory from the usual photomontage to static picture slides, with images and events etched into our minds and heart –...
17/11/2020 0
Community pharmacy is part of the NHS. We are not some adjunct service but a core stakeholder. Our communities need us now more than ever, as many of...
05/11/2020 0
Last year, Bedminster Pharmacy’s efforts to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer were an example of the unique ways community pharmacy can deliver...
29/10/2018 0
Being an excellent pre-reg tutor is a conscious and sacrificial effort – but one that is well worth it. My reference point has always been the tutor...
21/08/2018 2