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E.g., 17/08/2019
E.g., 17/08/2019
The GP Pharmacist(6 articles)
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I am very optimistic about the formation of PCNs and the funding commitment to increase and upskill the workforce in this sector of pharmacy. This is...
12/08/2019 8
I’m sure I’m not the only GP pharmacist delighted with the introduction of the new state-backed indemnity scheme for general practice. Over the past...
23/04/2019 2
I found a lot to be excited about in the new GP contract, which was published in January. Although the full detail is still to be revealed, the huge...
27/03/2019 4
It seems to me that medicines shortages would not be such an increasingly burdensome problem if it wasn’t for the high level of mistrust that...
19/02/2019 5
As a pharmacist who has worked in both community and general practice, one thing I’m very aware of is that not all our skills and activities are...
29/01/2019 4
I’ve been struggling with an identity crisis for a while now, which has finally resolved itself – thanks to a recent patient encounter. I have...
09/11/2018 5