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E.g., 28/11/2020
E.g., 28/11/2020
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Further to my previous article on how my primary Care Network (PCN) is giving more comprehensive drug reviews – structured medication reviews (SMRs...
26/10/2020 0
Medicines safety is becoming more and more of a talking point in the healthcare landscape. With patients taking a variety of medications, and some...
14/09/2020 0
When lockdown began on March 23, my primary care network (PCN) in West Sussex decided, on government advice, to partially close all three of our GP...
21/07/2020 16
The increasing number of medicines going out of stock or being discontinued entirely is having a profound effect on the work the medicine teams are...
25/02/2020 6
Since starting my role as one of the first PCN pharmacists in the country, I have been asked countless times what this new role offers compared to...
26/11/2019 12