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The Above and Beyond Award

The Above and Beyond Award
November 19, 2021 InterContinental London - The O2

This unique award is a chance to celebrate the individual stories of pharmacists and pharmacy staff going ‘above and beyond’ for their patients, their team, and for the sector.

C+D readers have until Monday, August 24 to view the nine shortlisted entries and vote for their favourite. The winner will be announced at the C+D Awards in London on December 14.


Amanda Smith

Heath Pharmacy, Halifax

The manager who opened a pharmacy after it had been petrol-bombed

Amanda Smith went above and beyond when she dispensed prescriptions hours after her pharmacy had been petrol-bombed.  

At 7.30am on January 3, Amanda (pictured above far right), the manager of Heath Pharmacy in Halifax, received a text from the pharmacy owner saying that a few hours before someone had broken the glass in the front door and hurled two petrol bombs inside. A neighbour had called the fire brigade and run across the road to alert the tenant in the flat above the shop.  

“We all got there as quickly as possible, wearing warm, old clothes – it was freezing as we had to keep the windows open to let in fresh air,” says Amanda.

The pharmacy was filled with smoke, which had smothered all the surfaces in a layer of soot. Despite the mess, after clearing key areas the team was able to dispense prescriptions from the usual time of 9am.

To allow the police forensics team time to investigate the shop area, patients were directed to the side door to wait in the office for their prescriptions. The team cleaned the medicine boxes required and apologised for the smudges on the packaging.

Once the team could access the shop area, Amanda oversaw staff cleaning soot off all the surfaces, clearing the broken glass, removing the petrol-soaked floor mat and covering the burnt patches on the floor. When the pharmacy looked presentable in the afternoon, Amanda opened the front door for patients. 

“None of us were expecting such an awful thing to happen, but everyone stepped up to help and ensure that we could open the pharmacy on time,” says Amanda.

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