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The Above and Beyond Award

This unique award is a chance to celebrate the individual stories of pharmacists and pharmacy staff going ‘above and beyond’ for their patients, their team, and for the sector.

C+D readers have until Monday, August 24 to view the nine shortlisted entries and vote for their favourite. The winner will be announced at the C+D Awards in London on December 14.


David Raigosa

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Dorset

The pharmacist who saved a patient in anaphylactic shock

David Raigosa went above and beyond when he leapt into action to stabilise a patient in anaphylactic shock.

What started off as a normal summer day for David, a relief pharmacist at a Day Lewis branch in Wareham, changed in an instant. 

A teenager ran into the pharmacy shouting for help. His father was extremely ill in the pub next door. David hurried to his assistance.

He found a man on the floor, sweating and drifting in and out of consciousness. “I immediately recognised the seriousness of the situation and ran back to the pharmacy,” he says. 

David armed himself with two adrenaline injections, which he had ordered for the start of the flu vaccination season, and rushed back to the patient. 

“Without thinking, I injected the first one. I saw an instant improvement, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet.”

It was only then that he noticed the packet of amoxicillin 500mg capsules sitting on the table. David realised he had dispensed the item to the man less than an hour before, when the patient had said he was not allergic to penicillin. But the patient was mistaken. 

The man started to lose consciousness again, so David gave him the second injection. He remained stable until the paramedics arrived.

A couple of days later, the patient phoned the pharmacy to let David know that without his help, the outcome could have been much worse.

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