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Business Initiative of the Year

Why Enter?

Great businesses never stand still. They continue to innovate, evolve and raise the bar for competitors. And it’s not just about throwing cash at problems – it’s about the creative ideas that genuinely move your business forward.

You might have, for example: improved your dispensing service through new workflow processes; unlocked the wealth of data in your PMR system to launch targeted support services; utilised robotic technology to free up your pharmacy team; or won a commissioning bid. Whatever your award-worthy business initiative, the judges will want to see how your business and, most importantly, your customers have benefited.

Who can Enter?

Any individual or team working for or on behalf of a community pharmacy business. Please bear in mind that while you can enter as many categories as you like, each entry can only be submitted for one category.

If your business initiative primarily involves using the internet in some way, it may be best suited for the Online Initiative category. If your initiative is primarily focused on refitting your pharmacy, it may be best suited for the Pharmacy Design Award instead.

How to Enter?

In no more than 300 words per question, please answer the following:

  1. How did you identify the need for your business initiative and how did it meet this need?
  2. What impact has your initiative had on your pharmacy business?
  3. What impact has your business initiative had on your customers?
  4. How has your business initiative developed, utilised and/or motivated your pharmacy team(s)?
  5. How has your business initiative improved your pharmacy’s/ies’ links with other healthcare professionals?
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