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Above and Beyond Award

Above and Beyond Award
November 19, 2021 InterContinental London - The O2
Why Enter?

The ‘Above and Beyond’ Award is a chance to celebrate the stories of pharmacists and pharmacy staff going ‘above and beyond’ on behalf of patients and the community pharmacy sector. You may have braved arctic conditions to deliver medicines to housebound patients, looked after an elderly patient’s dog while they were in hospital, or provided lifesaving care when a customer collapsed in your pharmacy. Whatever your story – C+D wants to hear from you.

Unlike other C+D Awards, this isn’t about assessing an individual’s career or an entire project. Instead, this is about one specific event which allowed you or a colleague to shine. 

Who can Enter?

Any pharmacist or pharmacy staff member who has a story they think stands out from 2019. While this category is about a single experience that occurred, it’s fine to provide some background context, and also explain the consequences of your story. For example, if your tale of going ‘above and beyond’ involved making a patient intervention, you may want to provide some background about how you know the patient, as well as how the patient is doing now. But if you find yourself writing about your or your pharmacy’s achievements more generally, then stop – you should be entering one of the other 13 C+D Awards categories instead.

As this category is designed to celebrate the stories of pharmacy professionals who don’t feel they can enter one of the other 13 Awards categories, please don’t submit a story if you have already included it as part of an entry for another C+D Award this year.

If the story you want to submit involves a colleague rather than yourself, it’s fine for you to enter on their behalf. However, you must ensure you have checked all the facts with them, and be aware that they will receive the complimentary ticket to the Awards ceremony if they make the shortlist.

How to Enter?
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