Crest Pharmacy Group, Alphega Pharmacy 

Through collaboration with Pure Gym, the team managed to pull together and set up a COVID-19 vaccination centre in the heart of a busy community. Through new methods of marketing and canvassing, the team reached out to as many patients as possible ensuring take-up was the best it could possibly be. The actions of the team has brought in new patients to the pharmacies – valuable lessons learned on how to grow as a business.


Casa COVID-19 vaccination team, PCT Healthcare  

From the blank canvas of a hotel function room, the PCT Healthcare Casa team created a professional and efficient COVID-19 vaccination clinic. Between February and June 2021, the team administered a staggering 30,000 vaccinations, protecting patients and the community.
The infectious camaraderie of the team made the clinic a fantastic success and encouraged the pharmacy chain to open two further pharmacy-led clinics in more remote areas. PCT Healthcare is immensely proud of all that the team has achieved.


Day Lewis, Burnham-on-Sea  

A tenacious team working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to not only keep up with their pharmacy's demands, but to also run one of the early offsite COVID-19 vaccination clinics. 
During that time, the team found time to check up on a patient during their lunch time, and arrived to find that the patient had collapsed and been there for approximately two days. They called an ambulance and stayed with the patient until help arrived. 


Digital operations and customer care team, Well Pharmacy  

As lockdown hit, the Well digital and customer care team's queries and workload more than doubled overnight. These inspiring teams put patients at the heart of what they do and supported thousands of new customers sign up to the digital pharmacy to safely receive their repeat medication from home during the height of uncertainty during the global pandemic, while the customer-focused group showed patience and compassion helping to navigate thousands of patients through all their healthcare needs.

G.M. Graham Pharmacies  

Four of the five G.M. Graham pharmacies are COVID-19 vaccination sites offering AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations. As of June, the four sites had administered more than 85,000 vaccinations. As well as pop-up locations, the group has also recently attained a vaccine bus and is collaborating with the local clinical commissioning group to increase vaccine uptake. A recent trip to Latitude Festival allowed the team to take the vaccines to the people.

Greater Manchester local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) 

Following the government’s confirmation of community pharmacy’s involvement in the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme, contractors turned to Greater Manchester LPC (GMLPC) for guidance on becoming designated COVID-19 vaccination sites, as well as information on track and trace, safety measures, COVID-19 training, and testing for staff members. Pharmacy teams were keen to play their part, and looked to GMLPC to help them continue offering their services and contribute to the biggest NHS vaccination programme in history.

Nicklevale (Kents Pharmacy and Molesey Park Pharmacy)

A family owned business run by four people, turned into a family run business overseen by more than 20. The team supported vulnerable patients by working extra hours and over the weekends, taking telephone purchases, providing deliveries and running between the two branches to aid convenient prescription collections. This was about creating an environment where every single team member felt supported and safe; everybody, from the cleaners to the directors, were pulling their sleeves up and getting involved.

Prescription delivery and collection team, Boots Essex

Boots Essex branch’s team of drivers who deliver prescriptions to individuals and to local care homes, worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, adapting their ways of working to meet COVID-19 safety requirements. They were often the only person that some customers would see; albeit from a distance, they were there for a quick chat, and to check in to see if patients were ok. They never let the Boots branch and patients down, even though their workload increased significantly.

Rowlands Pharmacy, Fratton Road 

Fratton Road is what you would aspire every pharmacy team to be. They are multiskilled, take personal responsibility for their patients and go above and beyond for community. Even in times where they were down, worried or scared for their colleagues’ health, they battled on and continued providing an excellent service. The Fratton Road team got each other through the tough times and are looking forward to finally having the afternoon tea which they booked over 18 months ago.

Rufus Centre COVID-19 vaccination team, Retrolink Ltd t/a W Cheeseman & Son 

This unique blended model of two independent pharmacies working closely together to lead the COVID-19 vaccination programme for two primary care networks and working collaboratively with six surgeries, has led to the successful administration of more than 68,500 vaccinations in phases 1 and 2 of the national scheme. With more than 80 vaccinators from various healthcare professions and more than 250 volunteers all coming together, the teams have demonstrated that a common approach can have multiple benefits.