Lloydspharmacy, Grayshott 

The Lloydspharmacy, Grayshott team has overcome challenges, such as hours being cut, staff shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this, each team member’s passion and commitment to their role has remained strong. It is evident that the holistic care they deliver does not diminish, even though the pressures of their surrounding environment can cause challenging situations to arise. Each team member is a competent, compassionate, and admirable individual who displays patient-centred care on a daily basis.


AR Pharmacy   

The AR Pharmacy team has been on the whole COVID-19 journey: from providing a safe health hub and making sure everyone got the health advice and medications they needed, to opening one of the first COVID-19 vaccination centres in the UK. So far, the team has vaccinated more than 40,000 people. AR Pharmacy is now offering a wide range of COVID-19 tests to make sure people stay safe and protected. The pharmacy has been a pinnacle for the community during the pandemic.


Village Pharmacy Group, Cosby  

The Village Pharmacy Group Cosby is deeply committed to going above and beyond for its patients, the local community and its fellow team members, to make their lives as stress-free as possible. The teams work together to deliver person-centred customer service which results in 5* customer reviews. The pharmacy group has built relationships with all local GP surgeries, ensuring a close-knit community and better patient-centred care, but also helping to continue to develop the pharmacy teams’ skills and knowledge.


Well Pharmacy, Sketty Park 

Well Sketty Park has seen a fantastic turnaround within the past 10 months with ever-growing script figures. Led by pharmacist Laura, her team is one of the best in the region, not only smashing personal targets, but helping other pharmacies in need with their expertise and experience. Being one of the only pharmacies in the area seeing continued growth, they have secured more hours and their team has grown for the better, diversifying their skillset while serving the community. 

Peak Pharmacy, Dronfield  

The team at Peak Pharmacy, Greendale Centre, Dronfield really puts the 'community' into community pharmacy. Whether it is assisting their own patients, helping patients from other pharmacies, liaising with prescribers and engaging with services – old and new – the team excel in all they do. By being a strong and resilient team they were able to maintain their usual high standards while without their pharmacist manager, allowing him to work at the COVID-19 vaccination centre. The team sets a great example for others.

Medipharmacy Group 

Medipharmacy has had an extremely eventful 2021: it acquired two new pharmacies, opened a new warehouse and head office, launched a range of new private services, and two new social media platforms, not to mention opened four COVID-19 vaccination clinics. The group has continued to invest in staff training, and has taken on more delivery drivers to meet growing demand. The recent successes have only been achieved through collaborative efforts between the senior management and pharmacy teams.

Lloydspharmacy, Sainsbury’s Ely 

The team has gone above and beyond in working through extreme challenges, especially in the past year to turn their branch around. The pharmacy was 60 hours short-staffed for the best part of the year and the remaining colleagues adjusted their personal lives, sacrificed family time, personal time, and their own wellbeing to continue to serve patients throughout the pandemic. The team’s hard work and dedication to their roles, their colleagues and most importantly their patients is nothing short of outstanding.

PharmaCare Solutions UK 

The diverse PharmaCare team achieved double-digit growth in a year that has challenged everyone, by pulling together to do whatever it takes to ensure patient safety, care and kindness. The team: offered free health awareness days; produced a “service plan” describing how they would support each other and the people in the area; carried out free medication deliveries; and conducted “check in” phone calls  with customers and care homes to ensure no one was struggling unnecessarily.