Holly Gresham Court, Well Pharmacy 

Holly has had an incredible impact not only on the patients and customers, but also on her fellow pharmacy colleagues during her pre-reg year. Her enthusiasm for community pharmacy and commitment to the business is rivalled only by her passion for the profession. She has developed and become more confident over the course of her programme and is now leading the team. Holly is keen to continue developing her own knowledge, and to help support the development of the pharmacy teams around her.

Jagraj Thandi, Boots 

Having worked in an environment where ethical dilemmas are presented on a daily basis made Jagraj realise the importance of prioritising workload in order of delivering the best standard of care for all patients. Jagraj was challenged this year to consider all aspects of a patient’s life, which may influence the consequences of the final decision and to be analytical, but also decisive, in my approach. This will allow Jagraj to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.

Marie-Louise McEldowney, Harkin’s Pharmacy and Glass Pharmacy 

Marie-Louise is a ray of sunshine in the pharmacy, she is always smiling and positive, she brings a great energy with her and has an excellent work ethic. Marie-Louise is a gem; she has mature head on her young shoulders. She will make a difference to many lives as she navigates her way throughout her pharmacy career. Marie-Louise has made such an impact during her pre-reg year that she is now a fully qualified community pharmacist at Harkin's.

Pip Bush, Well Pharmacy, Lodgeside 

Being a pre-registration pharmacist during the pandemic, Pip was able to demonstrate great care for his patients and improve the operation of the pharmacy. Working with the local Healthwatch group during the pandemic, Pip was able to reach isolated patients with activities and health information to support them during a difficult time using Well’s local delivery drivers. Pip also invested in reducing errors in the pharmacy by investigating the cause and putting interventions in place to reduce the risk of harm to patients.

Georgina Gillard, Paydens 

Georgina is an exemplary pre-registration pharmacist and continues to be a role model as a provisional registrant too. Her innovation showed with the creation of a new service for people struggling with mental health, which has now supported over 100 patients. By involving the team, she has left a legacy at her training site. Alongside this, Georgina is the highest achiever of all the pre-regs at Paydens and managed to achieve an outstanding result of over 80% in all GPhC mock assessments. 

Simon Uzokwe, Temple Pharmacy 

Simon is an inspirational pre-reg pharmacist. He holds a unique position in the sector by being both a professional rugby player for Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club, while undergoing his pre-registration training at an independent pharmacy. He strives to project the importance of education while pursuing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Simon is a true reflection of the pharmacy standards and promotion of health and he continuously demonstrates what it takes to be a well-rounded healthcare professional; someone a patient can admire as well as trust.

Trisha Dogra, The Priory Community Pharmacy 

It has certainly been a challenging year and not at all how Trisha imagined her pre-registration training to be. Nevertheless, she has taken advantage of many opportunities, enabling her to become a better pharmacist who is committed to the profession. During her pre-reg year, she contributed to the BPSA, joined in the vaccination efforts and the wider pharmacy community. The combination of her optimism, perseverance and resilience during this difficult year is why she deserves this award.