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Thu, 18/11/2010 - 10:55 -- Chris Chapman_2

A teenage girl comes into the pharmacy on a Saturday morning, worried about a mole on her back. The local GP's surgery is closed, and the girl feels she can't wait until Monday for an appointment. Her father recently had skin cancer, and she is terrified that she has a similar lesion.

QUESTIONS 1. This mole is known as a Saturn naevus, because the pale ring surrounding it resembles the rings of Saturn. True or false?

2. This is a rare sign and may indicate malignant change, and the patient should be referred to her GP to arrange a biopsy. True or false?

3. The pale area is a form of vitiligo. Patients should be advised that other white areas will develop over the rest of their body with time. True or false?

4. The pale area is the result of autoimmune destruction of melanocytes by the patient's immune system. True or false?

5. Halo naevi only occur in light-skinned patients and are never seen in patients with skin types five and six. True or false?

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