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Tue, 25/03/2008 - 13:52 -- CDPulse Admin

The following Law+Ethics Bulletin has been issued by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

From 1 April it will be unlawful to sell or supply a product or products containing more than 720mg of pseudoephedrine salts or more than 180mg ephedrine base (or salts) to a person at one time (ie, in one transaction) - sale or supply will require a


Sale or supply without a prescription may be of more than one product containing

only one of these substances, provided that the total amount sold does not exceed

the above limit. However, it will be unlawful to sell or supply a pseudoephedrine

product at the same time as an ephedrine product in one transaction.

This restriction is similar to that placed on other medicines, such as aspirin and

paracetamol preparations, where the quantity that may lawfully be sold or supplied

without a prescription is restricted.

This action was taken because of the concern that pseudoephedrine and ephedrine

can be used in the illicit production of methylamphetamine. Pharmacists and their

staff must be alert to requests for large quantities and abnormally frequent requests

and refuse to make a supply where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting


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