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Asthma: management, side effects and interactions

Asthma: management, side effects and interactions

From this module you will learn about:

  • The management of asthma, including the stepwise approach used to control symptoms
  • How to determine if asthma is controlled
  • Common side effects and interactions of drugs used to treat symptoms
  • The latest developments in treatment

To refresh your knowledge, read C+D’s related module on asthma: causes and diagnosis.

Download a printable PDF of this module – including the five-minute test – here.

Asthma management

The aim of asthma management is control of symptoms and prevention of exacerbations with minimal side effects. In order to determine if asthma is well managed, the following should be confirmed:

  • no daytime symptoms
  • no night-time awakening due to asthma
  • no need for rescue medication
  • no asthma attacks
  • no limitations on activity, including exercise
  • normal lung function (in practical terms, forced expiratory volume in one

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