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Blood in a patient’s urine

Blood in a patient’s urine

The presence of blood in the urine is known as haematuria. This is either frank haematuria; i.e. pure blood coming from the urethra or microscopic and not visible to the naked eye.


  • Microscopic haematuria in urine is usually associated with inflammation of the urethra and doesn't need further investigation
  • Diet may affect the colour of urine
  • Dark coloured urine may be associated with dehydration and not drinking enough fluid
  • Although cystitis will commonly cause pain on urinating, blood is rarely associated with infection
  • Certain medications can affect the colour of urine
  • Discussion

  • False: The presence of any amount of blood in urine always needs further investigation and it may be the result of an underlying malignancy
  • True: diet especially food such as beetroot can change the colour of urine
  • True: the concentration of urine
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