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Drugs used in the management of asthma

Drugs used in the management of asthma

From this module you will learn:
The treatments available for preventing asthma and relieving flare-ups
  • The side effects of these treatments
  • The different stages of treatment
  • Advice that can be given to a patient who is using a spacer device

Download this module - this includes the 5-minute test - here.

Asthma can be a devastating condition, but with the correct treatment you can help patients to alleviate their symptoms and prevent exacerbations.


During an asthma exacerbation, the muscles around the airways – the bronchi and bronchioles – contract, causing a narrowing of the airways and restriction in breathing.

Reliever medications help relax these muscles, allowing unimpeded breathing. However, they do not have an effect on the inflammation commonly seen in asthma. There are two types of reliever:

  • Short-acting beta

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