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Dry mouth and hypersalivation

Dry mouth and hypersalivation

From this pharmacy CPD module on dry mouth and hypersalivation you will learn about:

  • The functions of saliva
  • The causes of dry mouth and hypersalivation
  • The symptoms and management of these conditions
  • How pharmacy teams can support and advise these patients

Download this module – this includes the five-minute test – here.

Saliva is an essential body fluid that is important for maintaining oral health and comfort. Produced by and secreted from the salivary glands, saliva is composed of water, electrolytes, antibacterial compounds, mucus and enzymes.

The functions of saliva include:

  • lubrication and binding of food products to allow easy transit down the oesophagus
  • solubilisation of dry food, which is important for sense of taste
  • maintaining oral hygiene, by helping flush away food debris, preventing bacteria building up in the mouth and reducing

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