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Eye and ear infections and acute sinusitis

Eye and ear infections and acute sinusitis

This module covers:

● Conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, otitis externa, Eustachian tube dysfunction and acute sinusitis

● Symptoms, causes and treatment

● Advice pharmacists can give patients


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This article discusses the help and advice pharmacists can offer patients about acute sinusitis and commonly encountered infections of the eyes and ears.


Infective conjunctivitis


Conjunctivitis – inflammation of the transparent membrane covering the white part of the eyeball and inner surfaces of the eyelids – can be infective, allergic or irritant. Infective conjunctivitis presents with red, watering, gritty eyes; a burning sensation; a sticky coating on eyelashes in the morning; and an enlarged lymph node in front of the ear. There are no symptoms that distinguish between bacterial or viral

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