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Could you recognise the early symptoms of glaucoma?

Could you recognise the early symptoms of glaucoma?

Sharon, one of your technicians, comes in for her evening shift. She’s normally very cheerful and chatty, but today she is almost silent.

“Everything OK, Sharon?” you ask.

She nods, without looking up. Concerned, you step a little closer and see that she is struggling not to cry, so you repeat your question in a gentler tone of voice. After a few seconds, she looks up – eyes glistening – and answers: “I had my annual check-up at the hospital eye clinic today. I go because I’m so short sighted, but I constantly wear contacts so you may not know.

“They said that my retinas aren’t in great shape, that my ‘pressures’ are a bit high and that I’ve got some ‘field loss’. So, they are referring me

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