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Hypothermia: risk factors and management

Hypothermia: risk factors and management

From this CPD module you will learn:

  • What hypothermia is, how it presents and affects the body, and how it is classified
  • The groups who are at increased risk and associated complications
  • How the condition is managed, and what the long-term effects can be
  • The role of pharmacy teams in raising awareness of and preventing hypothermia, particularly among vulnerable groups

Download a printable PDF of this module – including the five-minute test – here.

Traditionally a condition common in regions experiencing severe winters, hypothermia has also been reported elsewhere in the world. In the UK, there are an estimated 300 deaths per year due to hypothermia.(1)

Some individuals are more susceptible to the effects of the cold. At-risk groups include babies and older people, who don’t necessarily have the mobility

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