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Managing diarrhoea

Managing diarrhoea

This module covers:

●The causes and symptoms of diarrhoea in adults and children

●Over-the-counter treatment of diarrhoea

●When patients with diarrhoea should be referred

●Advice you can offer to help reduce the risk and prevent the spread of diarrhoea


Download this module - this now also includes the 5 minute test - here


There is wide variation in normal bowel habits and in what individuals understand by the term diarrhoea. The definition used by the British Society of Gastroenterology is: the abnormal passage of loose or liquid stools more than three times daily, and/or a volume of stool greater than 200g per day.


Acute diarrhoea is defined as lasting less than four weeks; anything longer is considered to be chronic.1 However, diarrhoea lasting longer than two weeks in children, or

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