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Medicine overuse headache

Medicine overuse headache

Over ten million people in the UK get headaches on a regular basis. Typically, using a simple analgesic alongside rest and keeping adequately hydrated can resolve the pain. However, some individuals who regularly take painkillers may be at risk of suffering from rebound headaches (also known as medicine overuse headaches).

  1. Using painkillers regularly, once a week, can result in medicine overuse headache.
    True or false.
  2. One in 10 people who have frequent headaches get them due to treatment with a painkiller.
    True or false.
  3. People who take painkillers regularly for other problems, for example joint pain, will end up with unexpected headaches.
    True or false.
  4. Rebound headaches can take three to four days to occur once someone stops taking analgesics.
    True or false.
  5. Typical treatment of rebound headaches involves gradually reducing a patient's analgesic medication.
    True or

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