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Multiple morbidity

Multiple morbidity

From this module you will learn:
  • How multiple morbidity is defined
  • How the level of multiple morbidity is influenced by an ageing population
  • About the link between mental health and long-term conditions
  • How pharmacists can ensure optimal care for these patients.

Download this module - this includes the 5-minute test - here.

Multiple morbidity (multimorbidity) is defined as the presence of two or more long-term chronic health conditions, such as:

  • a defined physical or mental health condition, eg diabetes or schizophrenia
  • chronic pain or frailty
  • sensory impairment eg sight or hearing loss
  • alcohol or substance misuse.

Multimorbidity is associated with a reduced quality of life, higher mortality, increased utilisation of healthcare services and increased incidence of adverse drug reactions. Patients can also experience a higher treatment burden in relation to:

  • their understanding of their

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