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A Practical Approach: Ibuprofen in the elderly

A Practical Approach: Ibuprofen in the elderly

Brenda, senior dispensing technician at the Update Pharmacy, brings out Mrs Mary Garvey's regular repeat prescription from the dispensary to hand over to her daughter, Sarah.

"All the usuals again," says Brenda, as she shows Sarah the items and puts them in a bag. "So, how is Mum these days?"

"So, so," Sarah replies. "To be honest, she's going downhill slowly, but what else can you expect at her age – she's pushing 87 you know – and in her condition? She's complaining more and more of having no energy, but that's something that happens with her condition, isn't it? And she's always complaining about something new; the latest is that she's not going to the toilet so often."

"Constipation, you mean?"

"No, she says

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