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Can you pass this period pain quiz?

Can you pass this period pain quiz?

Dysmenorrhoea describes painful menstruation. It can either be primary – coming from the menstrual pain – or secondary, caused by a different pathological condition, such as endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. 

Primary dysmenorrhoea (PD) usually occurs in women who are younger and have recently had their menarche (first menstrual cycle). It generally results in pain originating from the lower abdomen.

  1. The pain associated with PD is often described as dull, continuous and widespread.
    True or false?
  2. Pain in PD usually occurs two to three days before the bleeding begins and resolves soon after.
    True or false?
  3. Although not life threatening, PD can cause significant distress.
    True or false?
  4. Formal diagnosis by a clinician involves an ultrasound exam of the pelvic region.
    True or false?
  5. Treatment involves the use of pain

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