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Refresher: The role of the responsible pharmacist

Refresher: The role of the responsible pharmacist

In 2009, the Responsible Pharmacist (RP) regulations were introduced to address the issue of pharmacists’ “personal control” of a pharmacy and to clarify what this actually meant.(1,2) It sought to improve patient safety and also amend a discrepancy related to the sale of general sales list (GSL) medicines from a pharmacy compared to another retailer – for example a petrol station. Although a pharmacist had to be physically present to supervise the sale of GSL medicines in a pharmacy, this was not the case in a non-pharmacy business, and therefore needed to be addressed.(1,2)

What is an RP?

An RP is a pharmacist who is in charge of a particular pharmacy at any one time.(1,2) Although more than one pharmacist can work in

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