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Bargain hunting is a dangerous game

On a first time trip to a car boot sale, pharmacist Babir Malik went in search of medicines out of curiosity and wasn’t impressed by what he found

On Sunday, I went to my first car boot sale with my mum and auntie. It's bad enough going shopping with one of my relatives, it's torture with two of them. I was hoping to come across Apprentice candidates selling some t-shirts but sadly, they were nowhere to be seen. While they went looking for bargains, I decided to look for medicines. Don't worry; I wasn't planning on getting stock and opening up my own pharmacy. I was merely looking for the sake of curiosity. I have been told that POMs can be available. Thankfully/sadly, I did not find any. But what i did see was: Three packs of Beechams powder capsules x 16 was available on sale for £2. So, 48 paracetamol-containing capsules were freely and easily available to buy. Where is the regulation?

I decided to see how many I would be allowed to buy. Being a future Apprentice winner, I asked if it would be cheaper if I wanted 12 boxes. Would I get it cheaper? She ummed and ahhed and said I could buy 12 boxes for £6. Lord Sugar would have been proud of me. The GPhC inspector would not have. [I did not actually buy them in case they're reading this]. Paracetamol can be dangerous. A hospital colleague of mine told me that a patient had been taking four tablets every two hours instead of two tablets every four hours. He ended up needing a liver transplant. Something needs to be done to prevent the inappropriate sale of GSL medicines without counselling.

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