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Despite the festivities of the last few days, Dr Livingstone can’t help but make a dig at pharmacy, and now he’s found a book that does the same

Stuck for a good holiday read? I recommend Dr Margaret McCartney's The Patient Paradox – which puts the boot into the over-medicalisation of western society. True, it's a bit more cerebral than the average airport novel but I know you pharmacists are always trying to better yourselves.

Commissioning could land us in the dock

Pointless explanations

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There are bits you won't like, though. Particularly one little cartoon entitled, The Evidence Based Pharmacy – which shows rows of virtually empty shelves. Nice one.

I have blogged about this before, of course, but I do wonder where you are in sorting out your existential crisis, particularly as we GPs are poised to start flexing our commissioning muscles. Would I really want to commission services from someone who, on the one hand, wants to get involved in the chronic disease management of illnesses such as arthritis yet, on the other, sells copper bracelets for rheumatism?

As ever, I see your problem, of course: the tension between providing a credible medical service while having to bow to the imperatives of shop keeping. Maybe you should simply divide the pharmacy into zones labelled Science and Non-science. Or Sense and Nonsense.

Whatever. Even if you can't sort out your philosophy, there might at least be a book in it – The Pharmacy Paradox has a certain ring to it.

Dr Livingstone is a real-life GP lost somewhere in the NHS jungle. A reluctant part of a GP commissioning consortia, he offers his slightly wry look at all things NHS.

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