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C+D Awards 2013: Head Office Team of the Year


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Development team Whitworth Chemists Old company structures and branding, poor communication, low branch team morale, unreliable processes and poor relationships with healthcare professionals. These were the obstacles the Whitworths development team faced in transforming their chain into a cutting-edge pharmacy company.

Describing themselves as a "unique bunch working together as a well-oiled machine", the team united to turn branches into healthy living pharmacies. The team recruited healthy living champions, trained staff and helped pharmacists embrace change, assisting 80 per cent of the multiple's branches to operate as healthy living pharmacies.

The changes were dramatic. The number of MURs increased by 76 per cent, 95 per cent of branches participated in the NMS, retail sales rose by more than 3 per cent, prescriptions volume rose more than 6 per cent and there was a 125 per cent rise on professional service income.

What the judges say

"This team grasped the opportunity to develop their branches' roles in improving and enhancing the health of the public"


Community Pharmacy Future project team Alliance Boots, The Co-operative Pharmacy, Lloydspharmacy, Rowlands Pharmacy This unique collaboration between teams at the four largest pharmacy companies saw two new clinical services launched from scratch in under six months.

Boots, the Co-operative Pharmacy, Lloydspharmacy and Rowlands Pharmacy recognised the need for robust health economic data to underpin new services and decided to join forces to maximise the potential business opportunities.

Together, the multiples launched two new services – a COPD support service and the Four or More Medicines support service – which saw 59 pharmacies trained, motivated and supported to deliver services to more than 900 patients.

A steering group was also set up, with representatives from the Department of Health, PSNC, NHS Employers and a GP.

The result? Two great services, and a demonstration of how pharmacy can band together to enhance the profession and patient care.

What the judges say

"This is a unique project, and so refreshing to see the four pharmacy retail giants working together! Pooling resources will ensure this project is financially viable going forward. Any project that can put pharmacy firmly on the map with the Department of Health will secure a healthier future for the pharmacy profession"

Also shortlisted

Essex LPC This team of four supports more than 300 members and has delivered two major conferences, a parliamentary dinner and 36 training events in one year.   Mayberry Pharmacy Hub Blackwood, south Wales A review of dispensing processes in seven pharmacies, project managed by Nichola Bate, has created the time for pharmacists to focus on acute prescriptions and cut dispensing costs by 70 per cent.   Pharmacy Development Managers – Defence & Development Numark The team developed a Defence and Development plan for independents, enabling them to take a holistic view of their businesses. Pharmacy Leadership Team Day Lewis Relishing the challenge of supporting more than 200 branches, the team created 12 regional support managers to enable regional managers to focus on staff, bringing colleague satisfaction to 92 per cent. Superintendent's department Lloydspharmacy The team took a pro-active approach to improving their business. Streamlined SOPs, clinical audits of branches and innovative communication have helped set new standards of excellence.

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