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Is delivering services outside of the pharmacy worth it?

Taking services out of the pharmacy helps Mr Williams connect with hard-to-reach patients
Taking services out of the pharmacy helps Mr Williams connect with hard-to-reach patients

From churches to pubs, your patients and your pharmacy team can benefit from offering services beyond the pharmacy walls

For this podcast, editor James Waldron spoke to Ade Williams, superintendent of the multi-C+D Award winning Bedminster Pharmacy in Bristol, to discuss the benefits of delivering services in the community.

The Bedminster team have gained a national reputation for their services, including partnering with a local church to promote health and wellbeing, and their ‘pulse in the pub’ initiative, which saw the team venture into drinking spots in their neighbourhood to monitor the clientele’s blood pressure.

Listen to the episode below to find out:

  • Why Mr Williams first decided to reach out into the Bedminster community
  • How to tailor a service to match your area
  • How to make these services viable for an independent pharmacy
  • The different metrics Mr Williams uses to define whether a community service has been successful
  • How to connect with hard-to-reach patients.

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Have you tried delivering pharmacy services outside the pharmacy?

R A, Community pharmacist

Community pharmacy seems to be stuck in denial. Even back in 2010 certain people have been obsessing about providing services and somehow and that will make everything right! People fail to realise that in the UK people do not wish to pay for services. Heck everyone talks about dentist shortages. The truth is we have plenty of dentists but not NHS dentists and people do not wish to pay for the going rate. Now if people are unwilling to pay for dental healthcare why an earth do you think people will be happy to pay for some wellness check?

I wish people would accept the reality that Community Pharmacy has been destroyed beyond repair by allowing the growth of multiples, GSL OTC medication being sold pretty much anywhere, the contract introduced 2006, proliferation of pharmacy schools which has created more pharmacists then the sector could support leading to a downward spiral in quality of pay and working standard for the average pharmacist. 

Honestly the world of pharmacy sounds like a plot from the Game of Thrones hardly any of it makes any sense but some people insist on flogging a dead horse.  

Benie I, Locum pharmacist

These loss leader services are desperate and sheer folly as has been proved by the current situation community pharmacy finds itself in. Some would offer 'patient bottom wiping if it got an extra body visiting the chemist. 

The way forward is private services. period.

Farmer Cyst, Community pharmacist

I can think of plenty of people who would waddle down to the pharmacy to get their arse wiped for them rather than doing it themselves - they'd probably appreciate it more than getting their arm twisted into an MUR

A B, Community pharmacist

From a commercial point of view you are 100% correct but sometimes people provide these services because they just want to help people (I’m aware this sounds naive)

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Respectfully, is it helping people in the long-term though if it undermines and kills the local pharmacy? Open question.

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