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Devon and Cornwall

What happened: Shoplifting rose by nearly a quarter in Devon and Cornwall last year, but remained at relatively low levels – going from 255 incidents in 2010 to 316 in 2011

Pharmacist's view: Despite the rise in shoplifting reports, Devon LPC project pharmacist Mark Stone says this hasn't resulted in a noticeable increase in complaints from contractors. But he warns that, at a time of economic difficulty, pharmacists need to take precautions against shoplifting. "Margins are already running very slim because pharmacy is under pressure financially," Mr Stone explains. "Contractors have to be aware of, and limit, this kind of shrinkage of their stock."

But pharmacist Tony Andrews of St Leonards Pharmacy, Exeter, says shoplifting still has little impact on the area. "It's not a problem at all in our pharmacy," he tells C+D. "We've got CCTV in every room so maybe that acts as deterrent."

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