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Get your POMs on eBay

This morning I got some Levonelle One Step in the post – a bargain on eBay for £12.99 plus postage and packing.

This morning I got some Levonelle One Step in the post. But this wasn't the new service to have it delivered to your door within two hours for £20. Oh no, I grabbed a bargain on eBay for £12.99 plus postage and packing. And this isn't all you can get. Following Twitter responses to Babir Malik's blog, I found myself curious as to what exactly you could buy on eBay and the results were shocking. From tubs of 250 paracetamol (Tylenol) from the US – enough to knock out a horse – and genuine (or so it was claimed) Viagra, it is shocking just what is available. And with the help of C+D's followers on Twitter, we have uncovered a hoard of POM and P meds including Qvar 100 Aerosol inhaler "200 actuations, new and unused" Listings for Diphenhydramine Ranitidin 150mg Ranitidine 60 Tablets Ibuprofen 200 mg 500 ct best pain relief (more than 84 are a POM) Clobetasol listings Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment 8g (2 x4g) Bacterial Conjunctivitis Beconase hayfever relief (200 sprays NEW) Symbicort 200/6 Asthma Turbohaler 120 Doses New, Sealed, And in Date Clenil Modulite 100 inhaler "new and boxed" Solpadol caplets Proctosedyl Suppositories Reduce Pain Itchy Haemorrhoid Lansoprazole 30mg Gastro-resistant Capsules Timodine cream (new in box) - 30G And even      20 Grams Pure L-Dopa Levodopa Powder 5-HTP - Powder - 99% PURE x 50 grams L-THEANINE Powder - 99% PURE x 25 grams Phenylethylamine PURE Powder x 20 Grams 20 Grams Pure L-Theanine Powder Now eBay does have a system for reporting prescription drugs, but it is passive, relying on users to report illegal or restricted items. But it is open to abuse. We found one or two listings making claims that they have checked with eBay, so it is all right for them to sell the drugs. But the worry I have, which is wholeheartedly shared by C+D's readers is that if eBay allows this to go on fairly unchecked, people's lives could be in danger - either through side-effects, overdoses or because the meds are faked. The next step is to take our findings to eBay and the MHRA to try to stamp out selling of this sort. But, worryingly, the problem extends beyond eBay. 32 Co-codamol from Amazon anybody? Help C+D name and shame these sellers. See what you can find and post on Twitter using #nodrugsonebay or email [email protected]  

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