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A high dose quinine script

A high dose quinine script

It is Saturday when pharmacist Leonora Potts receives a prescription for 28 quinine sulfate 300mg tablets at a dose of two tablets three times a day.

The prescription is for 61-year-old Albert Legge, a newcomer to the pharmacy.

Leonora has not seen quinine given in a dose as high as this before and remembers that quinine is very toxic in overdose, so decides to check the BNF at once.

What are the indications for quinine?

Leonora confirms her suspicions that quinine sulfate is given at a dose of 200mg to 300mg at bedtime to reduce nocturnal leg cramps.

She also knows that quinine is used for the treatment of malaria and decides to check the dose given in this case.

The BNF indicates that oral quinine is one therapy used in

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