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HIV testing shunned by a fifth despite potential to identify 20,000 cases

Media watch As HIV and hospitals continue to be at the forefront of debate, Isobel Smith brings you all the latest with the daily papers round up

Following on from yesterday's coverage of HIV, latest results show that a fifth of people offered a HIV test at a sexual health clinical refused to have it, the BBC reports.

Meanwhile the Independent reports that 20,000 new cases of HIV could be detected if everyone was to be tested for the disease.

In other news, the Independent reports that care homes have been receiving a bad press of late and the trend shows no sign of fading. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are accused of creating a target-driven culture, plunging morale and lack of strategic vision.

Moving to hospitals, the Daily Mail reports that a quarter of patents would not recommend their local hospital, according to the results of a survey.

The tabloid continued the hospital theme and also reported that NHS hospitals are wasting millions of pounds by importing food from countries such as China. The Soil Association claims that NHS trusts could cut costs of meals if they used UK produce instead.

Despite football being loved by millions across the country, doctors have warned that frequently heading a football can lead to brain injury following proof from brain scans.

And while many people think that health declines with age, a study of centenarians suggests that those who live to 100 are often healthier than people younger than them.

Finally, the Guardian revealed that 76 per cent of oysters grown in Britain contain norovirus, known as winter vomiting bug.

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